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Our Services

Property Management

At SFS Infra Housing Private Limited, we do not think of ourselves as a "property" management company, but rather view our business as Real Estate "Asset" Management. Yes, we are involved in the traditional sense of property management, but more importantly, we manage with the goal of enhancing the value of our Clients Real Estate Investment.

We are fully staffed to handle every aspect of your Real Estate leasing and management requirements; from the placement of tenants, routine and emergency maintenance, lawn & grounds care, renovation projects, property accounting services and asset management.

The Sale of a property? Once it is determined that it is the best time to sell a property, we are pleased to represent our clients in the listing, marketing, and sale of their property.

Construction & Development

SFS Infra Housing Private Limited is a full service construction contracting company. We provide a full range of home construction services and specialize in projects that range from Custom New Home Builds to Decking and Landscaping. When you choose SFS Infra Construction, you can feel confident in knowing that we do everything possible to maintain the highest level of professionalism on the job site.

SFS Infra Construction is proud to be a environmentally conscious builder. We choose to make a difference by using only FSC certified lumber and high quality resource efficient building materials. Building a Greener Home, doesn’t have to cost any more than building a regular home. SFS Infra Construction makes thoughtful decisions throughout the building process to achieve environmentally friendly homes that are also cost effective.